Hi ! Mangatizer is a beta over construction.
Have fun but database may be cleared anytime. Enjoy bugs !
Theorically, if you are here I told you. But if it isn't the case, it's important to know:
- As said before, it's under construction. 3D models structure may change, database may be cleared... So if you want to save 3D models created, export them. If you write mangas, print them.
- Use chrome. It doesn't work on any other browser. It will never work on any other browser.
- It may bug. More or less frequently...
- There isn't any tutorial on model editor so... good luck ! Don't hesitate to try all mouse buttons and all available left menu buttons to see what they do. Split and tangent type are the key features to be able to do something.
- You can test everything without account but it's mandatory to have one to be able to save 3D model or manga on server.
- Don't dare using manga editor or model editor on a mobile lol. But you can read the library (sheepception is cleary a future bestseller) and explore 3D model gallery.
- Don't expect to get a real manga drawing quality but it's still fun to use, your like a filmmaker ^^
- All created stuff will be visible by anyone. Stuff privacy will come later.
- I'm not responsible of the collection of tentacles stuff created.
- Check the important to know to know what is still important to know.
- I don't give a fuck about your cookies.

Regards, Larry.
© Copyright shit stuff. Contact: mangatizer@gmail.com